Room best suited for:

Acoustic Recording, Voice Overs, MIDI, M&E

Hardware (CPU & Interfaces):

Pro Tools HD | 3 PCIe

Digidesign D-Command

Digidesign 192 I/O with A/D Expansion Option

Digidesign 192 I/O

Digi 002 Rack

MacPro OSX 10.4.10 Dual 2GHz Dual Core 2GB RAM

Power Mac G5 OSX 10.5 Dual 2.5GHz 2GB RAM

Stanton Final Scratch DJ Interface

Rosewill 19” LCDs (pair, main desk)

Gvision 19” Touchscreen LCD (magic box)

Epson Powerlite 53c LCD Projector


Digidesign PRE

Mackie Onyx 800R


Pro Tools LE 8.0

Ableton Live Suite 8.0

Reason 4.0

Record 1.0

Waves, Korg Legacy BombFactory plug-ins

Sibelius 5

Monitor System:

KRK Rokit 8 (pair)

Sony MDR-V700DJ Headphones

Sennheiser HD280 Headphones

Bose Quiet Comfort 2 Headphones

MIDI Hardware:


Roland FC-300

Mackie Control Universal


3-tier Keyboard stand

single x-style keyboard stand

Furman RP-8 Power Conditioner

Furman M-8 Power Conditioner (x2)

Behringer Ultrapatch Pro PX3000

Variety of Power cables, RCA, 8-pair snake TRS, MIDI, etc...

Blue Room

Keyboards (and Sound Modules):

Kurtzweil K2600X

M-Audio Keystation Pro 88

Korg M3-73

Yamaha Motif Rack

Axon AX100 Rack Guitar Synthesizer

Roland GR-33/55 Guitar Synth

Korg Radias

Korg EXB-Radias (for M3)

Effects Processors:


DOD Bass30

Dunlop Crybaby Wah

Line6 POD X3 Pro (rack) w/ FBV pedalboard

AVID Eleven Rack

Line 6 POD HD Pro


Brian Moore i8.13

Epiphone Les Paul Black Beauty

Steinberger Spirit XZ-2/GU-4R DoubleNeck

Dean Evo Special

Epiphone G1275 DoubleNeck

Fender Standard 60th Anniversary Strat

Classical Guitar Black

Yamaha Silent Acoustic Guitar

Ibanez Prestige 7-String Electric

Ibanez RG320FM Electric

Dean Exotica Acoustic Guitar

Ibanez EX Series 5-String Bass

Dean Custom Electric


Custom Studio Desk

Road Runner 16U front 10U top mobile rack

pArt Science Acoustic tratment (Space Array, Tiles)

Speaker stands (pair)


Blue Bluebird

AKG C3000

Audix OM7

M-Audio Nova

M-Audio Soundcheck

Shure SM57 (x2)

Sennheiser MD 421 (x2)

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