Every minute counts.

Let’s make it worthwhile.

Standard Studio Rates (pro-rated in 30 minute intervals)

Recording (with engineer)                                                                    


Hourly Block Time                                                                                

Daily Block Time (10hrs)                                                                       

On Site Recording* (pro-rated in 30 minute intervals)   

Live & Multi-track Recording Set Up                                                          

Live & Multi-track Machine Recording                                                       

Live & Multi-track Audio Engineer                                                               

Live & Multi-track Mixing Assistant                                                             

Pro Tools Lesson* (pro-rated in 30 minute intervals)   

One-on-One Lesson by an Expert                                                               

* All travel beyond 10 miles of Calabasas, CA, will be charged at $1.00 per mile per vehicle.











A certified Pro Tools Expert is a user who has reached the highest level and can operate a Pro Tools|HD system in a professional, fast-paced environment at an above-average skill level.

For more information on the Pro Tools Certification programs, click here.


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